BLACK’S Culinary Review by Francis Black and Staff All Rights Reserved Black’s Culinary Inc, Aurora Co 80013 Images are for reference only and  original or used by permission Contact Authentic Cacciatore -  We use Italian wine, peppers, tomatoes, and chicken pieces to make an all time classic. Fresh ingredients, good wine and time honored traditional techniques are used to create a dish that we are sure will become a welcome addition to your table. White Pizza w Cream Garlic Sauce -   From the crust up, learn to make one of our favorite pizzas, we start with fresh garlic, cream cheese and grated Parmesan to make an incredible sauce, add bacon, Roma tomatoes, peppers and a mix of three cheeses. Gulf Coast Crab Boil   One of our family’s favorite events is the annual crab boil we host to honor our friend and chef Antonio Baker.    A notable gulf coast chef from Slidell Louisiana, Chef Baker brought us many of his amazing creole recipes including this favorite we have used for decades. Beef Shepard’s Pie -  An American take on an irish classic. Using ground chuck, beef broth, Parmesan potatoes and fresh vegetables we bake this dish in a cast iron pan topped with cheese and served bubbling hot and family style.    A classic well known and loved by people all over. This months topic : A Return Visit to The Cherry Cricket    This month we stop by one of our favorite restaurants, The Cherry Cricket, to give you an inside look at why this subtle burger house nestled in the middle one of the nations top shopping and dining districts continues to stand out.  Surrounded by shops that would rival those found on Rodeo Drive and upscale culinary establishments serving the finest in modern cuisine sits what was once a locally known secret.     However rumors have begun to surface that after 15 years, a corporate buyout, national attention and an expansion that has effectively doubled the size of this once small, intimate, family owned establishment, the charm that once was at the heart of the Cherry Cricket has begun to take on the characteristics and practices of its new corporate owners. We will go inside the Cherry Cricket to see the changes they have  and have not made, and give you our take on what is better, and worse, about this notable Colorado Landmark. We begin our look by examining the ownership changes that have taken...... (more) (more) (more) (more) (more)